Advanced Rules

These Rules are know as Cancellation Rules:

So you have now played beginner rules & got the hang of the game, you are now ready to up your game. These Advanced rules (know as Cancellation rules) are used by all professionals and makes the game of cornhole so much more interesting. You can now control the amount of points your opponent gets each round & no lead is safe!
Now this may seem confusing but it's actually very simple and works like this:

The aim of the game remains the same:

  • The first team to 21 or more points wins!
  • The only difference is that instead of both teams accumulating points, points now cancel each other out.

Here are some examples:

  • If Team A gets 3 points & Team B gets 3 points the score is now 0-0 and not 3-3
  • If Team A gets 7 points & Team B gets 3 points the score is now 4-0 and not 7-3
  • This is the way that cornhole should be played & once you have played this way, you will never want to play beginner rules ever again.

Still Confused?

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