How to Host a Fundraiser

Hosting a Cornhole Tournament: A Genius Fundraising Idea!

Charity Event:

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a great fundraising idea that’s cost-effective and a surefire way to get people to participate. Involving as many people as possible is the best way to raise the maximum amount of funds.

It takes a special sort of event to get those sorts of results though.

What’s a fundraising idea that will appeal to a ton of people, no matter their age or physical abilities? It's called CORNHOLE!

Cornhole: The Basics
For starters, it’s probably best to explain what cornhole is just in case you aren’t entirely sure.

Cornhole is a game where each player attempts to throw bean bags into the hole of the conveniently-named cornhole board. This game has been around in an official capacity for decades, and it can be found in backyards, company parking lots, beaches, sports stadiums you name it.

Because it’s so easy to learn and easy to play, cornhole offers everyone an opportunity to join in the fun. Points are assigned based on where each tossed beanbag ends up, and they’re calculated at the end of each turn.

This straightforward scoring system as well as the simple cornhole game rules helps make the game a instant hit with any gathering of people.

Why Pick Cornhole?

1) Cornhole is compact. With equipment that is both easy to transport as well as simple to set up, cornhole is the ultimate fundraising event. It takes up little space when set up too, so even if you only have a small venue for your fundraiser, you’ll still find that you have plenty of room for cornhole.

2) Cornhole is affordable. Official cornhole boards are easy to find cheap—in fact, we have a wide selection of reasonably priced cornhole equipment that is ideal for fundraising events.

3) Weather won’t affect your event. With some fundraisers (like fun-runs), participants have to be outside—no matter the weather. Cornhole, fortunately, is different. Even if it rains, you can just move the game indoors. Its versatility is one of its major benefits.

4) Anyone can play. That’s right. Anyone, any age! Can't say that about to to many games out there. You can have mixed teams Father sons, mother daughters, kids grandparents and even those of us who aren’t athletically inclined can participate. Basically, if you can toss a beanbag, you can play cornhole.

How Does Cornhole Work as a Fundraiser?

Since the initial cost of setting up a cornhole tournament is on the low end of the spectrum, the return revenue you can generate far outweighs its cost. By keeping the cost of the activity down, the host charity can maximize the money collected from entry fees and the sales of any concessions to both the players and the spectators.

Alright down to business, here are some ways to use cornhole as a fundraiser.

1) Combine it with other events.

For instance, you already hosting a fundraiser - add cornhole to the mix and have a joint fundraiser with a cornhole tournament.

This sort of benefit tournament would ensure the charitable organization would earn a majority of the profits, but the winners of the Cornhole tournament would also feel like winners as they will also get a prize.

How to host a Cornhole tournament: CLICK HERE

2) Charge people R50 for 4 bags (or whatever amount you would like)

  • If they get 3 in the hole they win a small prize
  • If they get 4 in the hole they win a big prize

Try & get a nice prize donated for 4 in a row as more people will want to play 

3) Set your boards up at a golf day 

  • Guys love playing in golf days and they love a challenge
  • Pick a hole to set your boards up on (preferably a par 3)
  • Charge guys R50/bag (Max of 4 bags)
  • Every bag they get in the hole they get their money back plus an extra mulligan for the round.

Majority of the guys miss the hole: if you have 100 players buy:

  • 1bag = R5,000
  • 2bags = R10,000         EASY MONEY !!!!

You don't have your own boards?

Supply the Equipment or Bring Your Own?
If you host a cornhole tournament, you have two options when it comes to equipment. Participants could bring their own sets. This would significantly reduce you costs, but it would also limit the population of available participants.

If you truly want to involve as many people as possible, it would be wise to supply the necessary cornhole boards and cornhole bags. Check out the selection we have available. Our high quality products will perfectly complement your next fundraising event.

As it happens, cornhole is one of the more cost-effective and fun fundraising options out there since it provides so much flexibility for the host while still maximizing enjoyment for participants. With those sorts of odds, how can you pass up the opportunity? Start planning your cornhole fundraiser today!

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